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It's time for a change....

'One morning as Gregor Samsa was waking up from anxious dreams, he discovered that in his bed he had transformed into a gigantic insect'



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Touring Schools from September 2023

A brand new approach to creating exciting, educational and affordable theatre in schools.

In making our latest show we have decided to tackle the current uncertainty and financial upheaval of the last few years by requesting assistance from our most valuable resource, YOUR STUDENTS !!

We have been astonished by the talent and drive of the students we have worked with over the years and now we want to create a live show with them.


We will take our acclaimed adaptation of Kafka's classic tale and add a new twist.....

Metamorphosis provides an immersive and interactive experience where your students take part in a workshop and then actively take part in the show. This is a rare and unique opportunity for students to work as actors in a style prevalent in theatre today. What did Gregor look like? What did he sound like? How does it feel when a room is filled with the Samsa family screams? We will find out. Every show will be unique and every show will be shaped by your students who will work alongside us to create a vibrant piece of theatre.


The style will include elements of Brecht, Berkoff, Artaud and Punchdrunk. Students will explore multi-roling, narration, sound scaping, audience interaction, physical theatre, multi-purpose props, extreme characters and gain a thorough insight into practitioners whist having the opportunity to perform in a professional setting.



We don't have the budget for a large cast, we don't have the budget for a touring van and special effects. But what if the students could be part of the cast? What if they can provide the sound effects? What if we find a way to work together to keep theatre in education thriving and pave the way for new practitioners to emerge through drama. Through this new approach, we will have lower overheads and can therefore charge schools a lower price.


For the first time in 20 years we can charge this entire experience out at £650. This includes a 1hr 30min workshop prior to the show where your students explore practitioners and the interactive, immersive style of the show. This is then followed by a 1hr performance where students actively participate. No one will be forced to stand centre stage. The show will be adapted each time to suit the abilities and comfort levels of your students. But for those who want to be in the thick of it here's their chance. The show also comes with a bumper 30-page teacher's pack which clearly outlines the practitioner styles used and how they were applied to the performance. 

Addtional charges for travel will be applied only after the round trip for two cars exceeds 400 miles.

Please contact us now for bookings and additional information.

Please click to see a video made by St Edwards School in Cheltenham from a recent visit with Metamorphosis.
Please see gallery below taken from schools we have visited with Metamorphosis
We have seen some exceptional Gregor Bug creations during this tour. Here is one of our absolute favourites from the talented students at Harrogate Grammar School
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