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Sheer Luck Holmes - The case of the floating fiancee


We are thrilled to announce our new show currently in development. A brand new murder mystery dinner:

Join Holmes, Watson and Mrs Hudson in a laugh out loud comedy caper as they re-enact their latest murder mystery case. Will you use your powers of deduction and discover who dunnit?, or will it be down to Sheer Luck ?!

The show will be ready to tour from September 2023. Venue dates and ticket links will be added shortly, so do check back for updates.

We are now offering two different shows for schools touring from September 2023




These productions provide a unique, interactive experience where drama students work creatively alongside us during the show. Students will take part in a workshop and then perform with us, helping to shape the piece by creating the mood, atmosphere, sound effects, setting and additional characters.

These fully immersive shows put the students at the heart of the action to create new, vibrant and engaging way of bringing theatre to schools. Both productions will be inspired by Brecht Berkoff, Artaud and Punchdrunk. Please go to the School Shows section of the website for more details

We are taking bookings for our hilarious interactive comedy dinner show:

'Live and Let Dine - A Bond Spoof'

Touring internationally and across the UK


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