Inn on the Green
The Stage

The game’s Bond – just Bond!


A fully immersive dining show where the audience are transported into a slapstick, cartoon style parody. Featuring the much-loved characters in an adventuresome romp through the clichés of the movies adored by millions.


Theatre meets vendetta, meets dinner show as our hero tries to unravel who’s out to get him -  and why!


With 4 actors playing 15 characters; expect lots of laughs, LOADS of costume changes and buckle up for the smallest car chase in history!

***** A rare kind of Magic (The Stage)

***** Hilarious, slick and professional entertainment

          (The Den - Osaka)

***** It was like being inside the tv alongside the characters.    

          Wonderfully inventive !! (Inn on the Green - Spain)


***** Engaging, laugh out loud fun (Kennels Golf Club)


***** A wonderfully inventive, fast paced and beautifully crafted            show (Redbridge Drama Centre)


***** A live action cartoon. Any show that paints a smile this big            has got to be worth a punt (bestofthefest)

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