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From the team behind 'Faulty Towers The Dining Experience.' Join us on an uproarious adventure through the cliches of the Bond movies adored by millions. Theatre meets vendetta meets dinner show, as our hero tries to unravel who's out to get him -and why!


Become fully immersed in the action as trainee super spies. Alongside 4 actors playing 13 characters, expect supervillains, death defying missions, and plenty of puns!

A serving of ingenious comedy and a must see for all parody, film and theatre fans.

            Wonderfully inventive,

            (Redbridge Drama Centre)


                    It was like being inside

                        a live action cartoon.

                              (QE2 - Dubai)

                       We've just had so

                         much damn fun!

(                        (Hydro Hotel)


                    Wonderfully silly,

                         an excellent

                        parody show.


Video trailer

Audience Feedback - QE2 Dubai

Audience Feedback -Redbridge

Drama Centre London

Video trailer with audience feedback

Clips of the show in action

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