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Please see below a selection of reviews and feedback from publications, art centres and the wonderful schools we have visited.

Brentwood School

We had the very brilliant Kat Mary Productions in school with their production of Woyzeck. The U6th took part in a workshop exploring the play, Brecht, Berkoff and Artaud, before performing it to L6th and Yr 11 Drama Students. It was a hugely beneficial experience for all involved!

Warwick School - Mike Perry

'KatMary brought a fabulous energy and imagination to their workshop and performance here. Kat herself, is an exceptional practitioner with a dynamic and hugely engaging method of working with young people. Our students thrived and blossomed in her company and the opportunity to perform in a blended show alongside professional actors was inspiring for all. KatMary gave our students the methods and means to immerse and contribute to a powerful and memorable performance experience. Everyone has had both their textual understanding and importantly their personal creative investment in the play enhanced by KatMary’s work.


In my twenty years teaching this play at A Level, this is the most impactful and meaningful version of Woyzeck I have seen – rich with invention, playful with its insight and deeply affecting in its sensitivity and uncomplicated theatricality.'

(Samuel Whitbred Academy)

'A fantastic opportunity for our Drama students and a massive thankyou to Kat Mary Pro.'

Beaminster School - Bryony Smith

'Thank you again for a wonderful day; it was so useful and really inspiring. Some of the moments in the play were genius- the horse poo; the post war euphoria; the experiment scene, I could go on. Kat, your manner with the kids was pitch perfect and I know they enjoyed it.'

The Sir John Colfox Academy - Kym Langdon)

'It was fantastic! You certainly brought the play to life. Lots to discuss- so thank you! I have already made contact with colleagues from my last school to say they must have you in.'  

(Kym Langdon - The Sir John Colfox Academy)

Layard Theatre – Canford School

'It’s invaluable to see and work with a theatre company who are applying the concepts studied in school drama courses in a creative, imaginative and inspiring way.’

The Stage Newspaper

‘The versatile cast chillingly combine hilarity with horror to create immaculately slick, highly imaginative physical theatre.’

Brackenhale School

‘Outstanding production and a brilliant use of drama mediums to help students create practical work. The company never disappoints, even when your expectations are very high. Thank you very much.’

Godalming College

‘It is so stimulating for students to see work of such a high standard being presented in ‘their space’ and for them to see the simplicity of performance achieving such wonderful things.’

Bishop Challoners School

‘The commitment of your performers was incredible and your resources exceptional.’

Teaching Drama Magazine

‘Celebrating the medium of theatre in lively, bright and witty performances.’

Ink Pellet Magazine - Metamorphosis review at Rainham School for Girls
'Kat is a one-woman whirlwind who has created a company – along with her business partner Kelly Taylor Smith that tours schools offering new productions of classic texts. They set up the company seven years ago and is a favourite of Yvonne Letchford, the head of drama at Rainham School for Girls, where I watched in awe, alongside 60 or so students, as she and two actors brought to life a scaled-down version of Franz Kafka’s Metamorphosis.


The young people listened and watched intently as the cast used voice, mime, movement and humour to retell this most bleak of tales about the nature of humanity and man’s existence. Using a variety of techniques that showed theatrical theory in practice from Brecht, Berkoff, and Artaud, poor Gregor’s transformation into a giant insect was gruesome. His bafflement and terror is superbly contrasted by the reaction of the family – what shall we do for money? As the story unfolds, we are left to question our own humanity – what would we do?

Students of all abilities and stages of their learning benefited from this neat, fast-paced and clever production. For the younger students, the experience of seeing innovative performance is of great value while students of higher level drama appreciated and recognized Kat's use
of techniques, alongside the discussion of themes. In this age of belt-tightening Kat wins hands down – offering a niche but valuable service
that includes an optional 20 minute question and answer session plus a 30 page (yes 30 page!) teachers pack. Well done all !'

Chaucer Business and Enterprise College

‘The performance was simply outstanding! The best touring theatre performance I have ever seen. The actors were truly engaging and their energy captured my students’ attention and sparked their imagination. The performance left both students and staff buzzing. It has been the talk of the school.’

Chelmsford County High School

'A very tight and professional performance enjoyed by all students. The pack is very well prepared and really useful. Thanks very much.'

Loreto college

'A great show! Superb use of Brechtian techniques which the students loved. A very professional, well designed and interesting show with a wide variety of ideas and techniques.''

Greenacre School for Girls

'Thoroughly enjoyed it. Very entertaining to watch.'

Waddesdon School

'The crisp, precise style of the performance was wonderful to witness. The students learnt alot from watching the actors totally immersed in the style of the piece in such an intimate space.''

Bryanston School

'This latest offering of Woyzeck was stimulating, powerful and educationally valuable for those studying this difficult text. The workshop we were given beforehand was particularly useful in breaking down inhibitions about extreme physical work, Artaudian techniques and also an introduction to Berkoff and Brecht. Students were easily able to identify and analyse the influence of these practitioners in the production that followed, leading to much discussion and ideas for their own interpretations of the play.

This was a great choice of play as it is so open to interpretation and the production certainly brought in some fascinating ideas which students have ‘borrowed’ and explored – the effect of war itself on the ‘broken man’ with fascinating effects to convey temporary deafness and trauma of war, bringing their own pressure and madness, for example.

The production also brought clarity to some of the more confusing elements, through judicious cutting and re-arranged chronology. In particular the use of the beautiful and sorrowful puppet of Woyzeck increased empathy for this character, surrounded and intimidated by the brutal and the base, who were yet so convinced of their superiority over him. This was in essence an educational tool box of a play, which also entertained, interpreted and involved the audience with huge amounts of energy and drive.'

Ibstock Place School

'Thankyou for a hugely entertaining and thought provoking show. It was delightful to see your version of the play – so rich in ideas and so brilliantly executed.'

St Teresas School

'Excellent. The best Woyzeck I have ever seen. Wonderful stuff !'

Godalming College

'We have just hosted Woyzeck, workshops and performance and I was blown away by the production; it was full of theatrical techniques, staging ideas and inventive use of minimal props and set. The production was aimed at exactly the right level and the choices made by the company have given students so much to think about – both for their production of Woyzeck for the Unit 4 exam, but also feed into their devised theatre. It is always so stimulating for students to see work of such a high standard being presented in ‘their space’ and for them to see simplicity of performance achieving such wonderful things. I also loved the almost continual sound track and will certainly be ‘stealing’ many of your  ideas to feed my own work. THANK YOU.'

William Morris Sixth Form

'The performance was especially helpful for the A2 students. To see the application of Brecht, Berkoff and Artaud to the play was exciting and interesting.'

Marist School

'Excellent. Especially useful for A-Level groups who can see how to multi-role effectively.'

Farnborough Hill School

'Excellent. Really, really enjoyed it.'

Kennet School

'A very valuable teaching tool on many levels. It has allowed pupils to recognize the theatrical potential within the play and engage emotionally and creatively with it. The imagination and inventiveness of the production was inspiring to the pupils – they loved the puppet. It is also the first time they have understood how Brechtian approaches can use humour to make a serious point.'

Ryde School – Isle of Wight

'Excellent vehicle for reinforcing the approaches covered in the workshop. Thoroughly enjoyed by all.'

Ink Pellet Magazine review - Woyzeck at Rainham School for Girls

'Scene Productions have another hit on their hands with their production of Georg Buchner’s bleak realisation of Woyzeck. It’s a real delight to see this travelling company doing so well; Katharine along with actors Mark Rush and Mark Morgan enthralled the audience of drama students at Rainham School for Girls. Inviting in theatre companies is a win-win strategy for busy schools with lots to juggle; supporting drama modules in this way seems cost effective – and a good experience on what live theatre is really about. My student guide told me: ‘I had to help them unload their van!’

Scene Productions, set up by Kat and her co-artistic director Kelly Taylor-Smith specialise in presenting physical theatre influenced by Berkoff and Artaud, and use every device to tell their story effectively from animation, sound, puppets, dance and song, to name just a few. This version of Woyzeck’s bleak tale is set in the First World War and follows the lowly soldier as his experiences plunge him into an intense descent into madness. Buchner wrote the play as a series of scenes as different ‘slices’ of the hero’s life; so there are fast-paced ‘moments in time’ portrayed by the players with undiminished energy and focus. The climactic scene was particularly effective and moving.

The girls in the audience were stilled; watching intently and intelligently. As they waited for the Q&A session to start they chattered excitedly about the performance, discussing ways they could use the devices they had seen in their own GCSE drama pieces. As Kat faced the questions, the two Marks tidied up behind her. Committed, hard-working, generous in their determination to share the beauty of their craft, this production deserves your booking!'


Queen Annes School – Caversham

'I wanted to say how brilliant I felt the performance and Masterclass was. The girls found your work inspirational and it will have given them great ‘food for thought’ for their future drama work.'

Susan Richardson – Gosforth High School

'As always students were inspired by a small ensemble of actors who are able to create powerful performances creatively. Thanks for a great ‘Woyzeck’ performance and Artaud workshop the on Wednesday. The kids were in awe!'

Friends School

'The performance was a brilliant opportunity for the students to see Brecht done professionally and an eye opener for them in terms of demonstrating how powerful Epic Theatre can be. Thank You !'

The Royal School

'In the 7 years that you have been delivering workshops and performing at the Royal School, you never disappoint. Your energy, enthusiasm and professionalism make a huge impact on the girls and the skills you teach them remain etched in their memories.'

Claire Bamford – St Annes Academy

'Thank you so much for the performance today.  The kids were absolutely blown away – they loved it.  You always make such a huge impression on them!'

Highlands School

'Excellent, engaging, well pitched and did exactly what I hoped it would do – inspire students and get them to ask questions.'

Queen Annes School – Caversham

'I wanted to say how brilliant I felt the performance and Masterclass was. The girls found your work inspirational and it will have given them great ‘food for thought’ for their future drama work.'

Farnborough Hill School

‘An excellent production that was incredibly beneficial to the students with their exam requirements.’

Trinity School, Kent

‘Super. My students were gripped, sucked in and they loved it…I’m delighted. Thankyou.’

Alan Lindsay, AST , Highdown School

‘Professional, powerful and polished.’

Millfield School, Somerset

‘It was good to have such a great teaching resource. An exemplary performance.’

Carol Ralfe – The Royal School

‘Brecht is no longer feared by my students.’

Sir Henry Floyd Grammar School

‘An excellent example of Brecht’s theories in practise.’

Wycombe High School

‘The themes of war and class in Brechtian theatre were highlighted brilliantly.’

Bulmershe School

‘Fantastically useful for the year 13′s. Actors very willing to chat to them also. A friendly and professional cast.’

Scarborough College

‘Very professional, slick and polished.’

St Swithuns School

'The performance clearly countered the criticism sometimes made of Epic Theatre that it lacks the intensity and emotional energy of naturalism. I was exhausted just watching your energy levels !’

Queen Mary’s College

‘Really excellent experience for all the students and also worked as a good INSET for us teachers on Brecht.’

Bishopshalt School

‘The pupils will benefit enormously from watching very talented professionals at work.’

Chris Gill – Wycombe High School

‘A very exciting, energetic and effective performance, followed by an enjoyable and valuable workshop.’

Moprpeth School – Bethnal Green

‘A fantastic, high energy performance.’

Helenswood School – Hastings

‘Excellent. You engaged the students with both a difficult text and techniques which are often hard for them to grasp. Well done and thank you.’

Havant College

‘The students thoroughly enjoyed the performance and were instantly able to see all the Brechtian techniques come alive.’

Royal Latin School

‘It was extremely Brechtian which was great ! Excellent teacher’s pack too.’

Eastbourne College

'Great to see Brecht being really brought to life in a vivid and entertaining way. All the elements of epic theatre are there – Gestus, V-effekt, Montage, placards etc – but involved organically, not signposted. Clear enough for the students to pick it up and identify, but not overtly signalled to detract from the production as a whole. Delivering quality small scale theatre as Brecht would have it – thought-provoking, demanding, stripped bare and confrontational, yes, but also celebrating the medium of theatre in a lively, bright and witty performance. Terrific. Well done.'

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